Sahayog Foundation Update

That time of year again: holidays and the end of the year are upon us, and I want to update you all on what has transpired since my last email just before the end of summer.

Our pre-school is going strong. The kids are doing great and enjoying the learning process. The older girls who we are supporting are also doing well in the various schools they are attending. We hope to have one or two more ready for college next summer. One of them has already graduated and wants to learn computers, so we are financing a private tutor from whom she is getting computer lessons so she can compete with the city students who are already very good with computers.

However, the most significant thing that has been happening the last few months with regards to our ability to build a school is that our application for permission from the Indian government to finance the project is proceeding well and has passed a few hurdles. Several of you helped us out financially to further the process right when it was needed the most to get to this point, and I want to thank you all so much for your kindness (I will definitely be sending tax receipts before the end of the year). The person who is handling the process for us in India is an intelligent and trustworthy individual who is committed to helping the unprivileged get educated. We still have a few more hurdles, but I am confident that it will happen, hopefully sooner than later.

Our tractor has continued to be of service to those in need of it. Unfortunately, many cannot afford to pay much so we are often only getting reimbursed for the fuel costs to run it….if that. Nevertheless, it is benefitting many in need, so it is a worthwhile investment for the service it is providing.

There is the need for several more wells, one on our land and one or two in the nearby village. However, the government has prohibited any further digging at this time. I am not sure about all the politics involved, but we hope to be able to get the digging done this coming spring, one way or another.

I plan on returning to our village next May, and will continue from here to move our projects along as much as I can. Anyone feeling inspired to help out before the end of the year will be much appreciated…..:)

I hope that the Christmas holiday provides some peaceful moments for you all and that the new year will bring much health and happiness.

With kind regards, happy holidays, and aloha to you all,

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