FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for Presenters

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How do I submit a Proposal to present a Paper  or a full Panel Session?

You may submit Proposals online until December 15, 2020.


What do I need to submit in a Proposal?

All Proposals require a title, abstract, and author information, including name, institutional affiliation, rank, title, and e-mail address. For proposers/organizers of full Panel Sessions, the information should be provided for the full Session and for each individual presenter, again to include all titles, authors and institutional information as described herein. Proposals for full Panel Sessions are welcomed and encouraged.


What length should the abstract for my Paper or Panel Session be?

 Please keep Paper Proposal abstracts, and Panel Session abstracts, to no more than 200 words or 1400 characters.


How many Papers will be presented in each Panel Session?

Panels will have no more than four (4) individual Papers.


How long should my oral Presentation be?

All presenters should be prepared to speak for 15 minutes. Presenters will guided by each Panel Session Chairperson’s guidelines.


How long will each Panel Session be?

Each Panel Session will be 85 minutes, allowing ample time for audience Q&A.


Can I submit more than one Proposal?

Yes. You may submit more than one Proposal and participate in more than one Panel Session, particularly as a discussant or a chair. No more than two Papers by an individual presenter will be accommodated during the Conference.


Will I receive a Certificate of Attendance?

 A Certificate of Attendance is available upon request, following the SASA 2021 Conference, by emailing Executive Chairperson, Dr. Vandana Asthana, at  VAsthana@sasia.org .


I would like to make a presentation scheduling request? What should I do?

 All scheduling requests are due before December 15, 2020.  If you wish to make a scheduling request for a specific day to present your Paper you can make a request but there is no guarantee. The Program Committee will try their best to schedule your Presentation on the day requested.


When will the SASA 2021 Conference schedule be available online?

The schedule is available and can be found here.


I am an undergraduate or graduate student interested in the SASA 2021 Conference. Are there volunteer opportunities available?

 Yes. SASA will seek non-presenting graduate students as volunteers at the Conference. If you are interested in serving as a student volunteer, contact Conference Chair Dr. Deepak Shimkhada at dshimkhada@gmail.com for information.