Author Guidelines


Exemplar invites submissions of interest to academics and others interested in South Asian studies. Our publication process allows us to produce a journal with high-quality full-color artwork and photographs, so articles which require such capabilities are especially welcome.

Exemplar maintains a double-blind reviewing policy in which the reviewer’s and author’s names are mutually concealed.

All manuscripts accepted for publication are subject to editing for presentation, style and grammar. Any major redrafting is agreed with the author but the Managing Editor’s decision on the text is final. Referees will be encouraged to provide substantive, constructive reviews that provide suggestions for improving the work and distinguish between mandatory and non-mandatory recommendations.

Manuscripts for publication must be written in English and submitted electronically in a recent MSWord format (.doc or .docx). Foreign text must be transliterated in a Roman typeface with diacriticals. The Doulos SIL Font Package, freely available here from SIL International, is a fine choice for this.

The approximate length should be between 4,000 and 5,000 words, and must follow the MLA Style Manual (7th edition) format.

Submissions should be sent as attachments to an email sent to the Editor at Images and graphics should be included in the document and also sent as individual attachments (at 300 dpi). A list of captions for images, along with copyright information and credits, should be attached to the email as a separate document.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab offers this guide to MLA formatting and style.


Book reviews are perhaps the most overlooked yet most critical part of a professional journal.  The outpouring of new material is so vast that no one can keep up with everything out there.  We impose no maximum word count on a review, just good judgment on the part of the reviewer as to what constitutes a fair, experienced and professional evaluation/summary of the work under review.  The reader must be able to take away reasonable knowledge of the contents of the book.    In general, a minimum of 600 words is needed to accomplish this.  An Exemplar review consists of two parts, the review itself and an abstract of the review within an 80 to 120 word parameter.  Title availability and shipping dates at times present a minor issue.  In general we expect a review back within 100 days of an offer to review.  A review template will be provided.

Potential reviewers should consult our Books Available for Review page.