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Vanderbok, WilliamWhy Exemplar?V1 N1
Huntington, John C.Early Indic Symbol Systems and a Partial "Proof of Concept" DemonstrationV1 N1
Sharma, JyotirmayaDigesting the Other: Hindu Nationalism and the Muslims of IndiaV1 N1
Stolyarov, AlexanderThe "Diplomatica Indica" Database (DIDB) at a GlanceV! N1
Shimkhada, Deepak and Adam D. PaveExpressions of Devotion: Painted Images from the 1648 "Bhagavata-purana" ManuscriptV1 N1
Igielski, ZbigniewAnthropology of Economy and the Sikh Concept of "Kirat Karni"V1 N1
Malik, JamalSome Ideas on Pre-Colonial Modernity: The Case of Indian Muslim PietistsV1 N1

Wilson, SusanWater as Wealth in Hindu Society -- Sacred but DeviledV1 N1
Kumaran, MuthusamiGovernance in the Indian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Sector: Trends, Problems, and ProspectsV1 N1
Chandon, PreetiThe Indian Film Festival of Los AngelesV1 N1
Gould, HaroldRadical Islam in the Warmth of the Arab SpringV1 N1
Hiltebeitel, AlfThe "Mahabharata" and the Stories Some People Tell about It -- Part 1V1 N2
Larson, Gerald JamesIndia's Struggle to Tolerate the Intolerant: Some Problems with ProselytizingV1 N2
Adluri, VishwaLiterary Violence & Literal Salvation: Saunaka Interprets the "Mahabharata"V1 N2
Singh, Madhu"The Words within the Brackets": Reading Ratan Thiyam's Play "Chakravyhua" through a Postcolonial LensV1 N2
Mittapalli, RajeshwarHonor Killings and the Dalits in Fiction and Films: Arundhati Roy's "The God of Small Things" and Priyadarshan's "Aakrosh"V1 N2
Hiltebeitel, AlfThe "Mahabharata" and the Stories Some People Tell about It -- Part 2V2 N1
Belokrenitsky, Vyacheslav Y.The Western Tribal Region in South Asia: Limits of Our KnowledgeV2 N1
Everaert, ChristineLooking for the Hidden Colors of Sufism in the Shadow of a SongV2 N1
Pal, PradapadityaA Maharaja's European Holiday: A Centennial ReviewV2 N1
Yeolekar, MugdhaWhere Agency is Not Resistance: A Case of Women's Ritual Reading of "Gurucaritra"V2 N1
Safronova, Alexandra L.The Past and the Present of Theravada Buddhism in Sri Lanka: Traditional Heritage and the Challenge of ModernityV2 N1
Soherwordi, Syed Hussain ShaheedThe Expression of Muslim Identity in South Asia Since 1947: Political, Social, and Religious OutletsV2 N1
Trinlae, Bhikshuni LozangFearlessness v. Recklessness: A Refutation of Buddhist Gender Essentialism and Chauvinism: Reconsidering the Marks and Signs of a BuddhaV2 N1

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