South Asian Studies: Never More Relevant

SASA Eleventh Anniversary Conference

    Claremont McKenna College, March 24-26 2017

Claremont, California

South Asian Studies: Never More Relevant

Home to one quarter of the earth’s population and the world’s fastest growing major economy, 5,000 years of rich, extraordinary history, and yet a spawning ground of global unrest. Much of the world’s promise and many of its problems are deeply rooted in the landscape of South Asia. There has never been a more important time than now to focus upon and assess South Asia, its place in the world, and the dynamic multidisciplinary-cultural-historical process leading up to today.

To  view the 2017 Call for Papers, click HERE.

Recent publications of SASA Board members:

  • Vandana Asthana. Water Security in IndiaBloomsbury Academic.
  • David Blundell.   “Struggling Identities: Vanniyaletto (Vedda) of Sri Lanka.” Biological and Cultural Diversity of Man and the Development Consequence in Asia. Ranjana Ray and S. B. Chakrabarti (Indian Statistical Institute, Anthropological Survey of India), eds. Kolkata: Asiatic Society.
  • Bradley Clough. Early Indian and Theravada Buddhism: Soteriological Controversy and Diversity. Cambria Press.
  • Cathleen Cummings. Decoding a Hindu Temple.  SASA Books.
  • Chandrika Kaul. Communications, Media and the Imperial Experience.  Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Joe Pellegrino, editor.  Open Pages in South Asian Studies.  SASA Books.
  • Nalini Rao.  Sindhu-Sarasvati Civilization: New PerspectivesD.K. Printworld.
  • Deepak Shimkhada.  Arjun Confronts Bullies at School.  Create Space.
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