Friday April 10 – Sunday April 12, 2020    

Above: Past SASA Conference organizers and supporters

Included are SASA Board Members, Ken Silverman (Chairman), Dr. Deepak Shimkhada (President), Dr. Vandana Asthana, Dr. Purnima Bhatt, Dr. David Blundell, and Dr. Bradley Clough. Also pictured are Naresh Barsagade, Deepti Dawar, Arvind Gupta, Sundus Jaber, Benjamin Kaila, Ravi Kapur, Kumran Muthusami, Adam Pave, N. Gauthan Prabhu, Ashok Chandra Shukla, Jon Paul Sydnor, Frank Tadesco, and Hui-Jin Wang

The 13th Annual Conference of
The South Asian Studies Association
SASA  2020

Hosted at University of the West, Rosemead, CA

Join preeminent South Asia focused scholars and academicians, and leaders of business, government, NGOs, and philanthropies.

Delve deeply into the robust past, the expanding present, and the exceptional future of the countries and peoples of South Asia.

For a good sense of what’s to come at SASA 2020 scroll down and then leaf through our richly detailed SASA 2019 Conference Program

Final deadline for Submission of Proposals for Panels and Papers is Friday, February 14, 2020

The South Asian Studies Association (SASA) is an alliance of scholars, academicians, and business leaders dedicated to fostering greater understanding of the region’s global importance. This is accomplished via study of its history, cultures, religions, philosophies, governance, politics, economics, art, literature, and more. SASA members and collaborators focus on South Asia’s rich and diverse past, its bold and remarkable present, and its soaring prospects for the future.

Since 2007 SASA has hosted eleven international conferences at preeminent colleges and universities across America, including one each in India and in Russia. We have additionally published six books and five issues of the scholarly journal Exemplar, and bestowed annual Exemplar Awards on 18 prominent South Asia scholars and community service leaders. We have additionally produced and live-streamed multiple interviews with South Asia-focused scholars and newsmakers.


India • Pakistan • Afghanistan • Bangladesh • Sri Lanka • Nepal • Myanmar • Bhutan • Maldives

5,000 years of history and home to a quarter of the earth’s population and the world’s fastest growing major economy


SASA 2020 Conference ♦  Friday April 10 – Sunday April 12, 2020

South Asian Studies Association


Shining A Spotlight On South Asia:

Arts | Business | Culture | Economics | Entrepreneurship | Gender | Governance

Education | NGOs and Nonprofits | Philanthropy | Philosophy | Religions | Trade


The 2020 SASA Conference will include:

• Scholarly Presentations

• Major Plenary Sessions

• Cultural Performances

• Exemplar Awards Banquet

• Richly Diverse Panel Sessions

• Speakers from Around the Globe

• Regional Cuisine

• Unique Exhibits

Representative Speakers from
Past SASA Conferences

Dr. Hiram Chodosh

Claremont McKenna College

Ambassador V. Ashok

Consul General of India
(San Francisco)

Adrian Mutton

Founder & CEO
Sannam S4 Group

Dr. Meghana Joshi

Program Director, Biocon-KGI Program
Keck Graduate Institute

Dr. Bryan Penprase

Dean of Faculty
Soka University of America

Dr. Larry Cox

Associate Professor – Entrepreneurship
Pepperdine University

Ken Silverman

SASA Chairman & CEO
Head of North America Sannam S4 Group

Dr. Vandana Asthana

SASA Director & Executive Chair of SASA 2018 Program Committee;
Founder Eco Friends (India)

Navin Doshi

SASA Director
Philanthropist, Author, Entrepreneur, Investor

Robin Meili

International Programs
The RAND Corporation

Vandana Tilak

Akshaya Patra, USA

William Simon

Global Sector Leader, Media & Entertainment
Korn Ferry

Dr. Ajit Singh

Managing Director
Artiman Ventures

Smita Bagla

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE)

Arnold Peter, Esq

SASA Director
Managing Partner
The Peter Law Group

Ravi Kapur

Founder & CEO
Diya TV

Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy

National Institute of Food & Agriculture
US Dept. of Agriculture

Dr. Mukesh Aghi

US-India Strategic
Partnership Forum

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