Interpreting Its Past, Imagining Its Future

February 5 – 7, 2021  

Owing to the global coronavirus outbreak, SASA 2020 has been rescheduled for February of 2021.

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Conference Call for Papers and Presenters

SASA welcomes paper and presentation proposals addressing: Arts, Cultures, Diaspora, Economics, Education, Human Rights, Gender Studies, Government, History, Anthropology, Literature, NGOs, Philosophy, Politics, Religions, Sociology, Business, Trade and Commerce, Media, Information Technology

All proposals must be made by December 15th, 2020

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Above: Past SASA Conference organizers and supporters

Included are SASA Board Members, Ken Silverman (Chairman), Dr. Deepak Shimkhada (President), Dr. Vandana Asthana, Dr. Purnima Bhatt, Dr. David Blundell, and Dr. Bradley Clough. Also pictured are Naresh Barsagade, Deepti Dawar, Arvind Gupta, Sundus Jaber, Benjamin Kaila, Ravi Kapur, Kumran Muthusami, Adam Pave, N. Gauthan Prabhu, Ashok Chandra Shukla, Jon Paul Sydnor, Frank Tadesco, and Hui-Jin Wang

View the 2019 SASA Conference Program Here:

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